Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Robinson Formulation

I want to carry on where I left my last post; how degrees in certain creative disciplines are not as well regarded as the degrees in established subjects i.e. history, the classics and science. Ken Robinson states that the ‘current education system systematically drains creativity out of our children’ (Robinson, 2009, p.16) and it is entirely reasonable that this trend continues through to further education and into the workplace.

This blog was created to give me a vehicle in which to discuss my opinions on creativity for a university assignment and in doing so I have discovered a paradox. I cannot be told to write about creativity because that instruction automatically restricts my own creativity. Being told what to do has inhibited me from having the freedom to write creatively. Therefore, is this blog a moot point? There has been many class discussions on how the very set up of our course is restricting our creativity and whether there are any ways in which this can be counteracted. The blog was one of those solutions but I now wonder whether the assignment brief was incorrect from the very beginning? Rather than asking us to ‘Create a BlogSpot (or Wordpress account) and post your own view(s) about creativity in arts and/or business’, perhaps it should have simply said ‘write a creative blog’. So it is entirely plausible that my managing and understanding creativity module is draining me of creativity at the same time as teaching me about it…

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